New Masterclass

The 3 Selfcare Secrets

that will allow you to SOAR (or they can clip your wings!)

In This Masterclass



The Baggage You Didn't Know You Had

That beautifully, rich background of yours has gifted you with some pretty amazing pieces of baggage. Seome help. Some do not. Together we will uncover the baggage that is holding you back that you probably don't even know is there.


The Role Your Family Has (and DOES NOT HAVE) in Your Daily Wellness

How your family history and genes play into where you physically, mentally and emotional are today.


The Elephant (Standing on the Scale) in the Room

The 3 secret pieces of wisdom that help you understanding what that scale is really trying to tell you, and how to end the roller coasted of the scale today.

"I really appreciate all the care Marla puts into coaching us throughout these courses. It is a really wonderful thing to feel so supported."

Joanie, Course Grad

What are Your 3 Words for 2020?

Man, if anyone could have told us back in January what kind of off-the-tracks roller coast ride 2020 would've been for us, we would have said they were nuts!

All of us have been emotionally, mentally, and physically impacted by these past 10 months. It has impacted your health - how could it not? 

So if you are ready to get off of this roller coaster and say "I need something just for me, to help me", then this FREE 3 Selfcare Secrets masterclass is for you.


A Personal Invitation From Marla . . .

For over 25 years, I've been studying and working on ensuring you understand every corner of your wellness.

I see the same issues and questions come up with my students over and over again. Why can't I do this? Why don't I feel better? Did I do something wrong?

In this brand new masterclass, I give you my top 3 insider secrets on your selfcare that impact your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Once you understand these 3 wellness wisdom gems, you will be on your way to taking your health in whatever direction YOU want.

Choose the time that works best for you.

See you there - Marla